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Mike Mueller Tinley Park IL
Michael Mueller
Running For Trustee Of Tinley Park, IL 

Michael Mueller is a current Village of Tinley Park Trustee running for his second term as a Trustee in the April 2023 election as part of the One Tinley Park team. Michael’s first term started in 2019 after the April 2019 election. In addition to his role as Trustee, Michael is also a Senior Principal Software Architect for a fortune 500 company.

For the last 4 years as a Trustee, Michael has served as the Trustee Liaison to the Village’s Community Development Department and the Marketing Department. In addition, Michael is the Chair of the Community Development Committee, and Chair of the Marketing Committee, and serves on the Finance committee as well. Most recently Michael also took on the role of President Pro Tem and serves as the Chair of the Committee of the Whole.

Michael has been instrumental in many critical projects throughout the Village. With his role within the Community Development department Michael has assisted on The Boulevard on South Street, the Loyola Project on LaGrange Road, and many others. Michael also aided with countless business openings including Avocado Theory, two standalone Starbucks, the Union Bar & Grill, and a new Gas & Wash. As a result of this economic development, the Village was able to survive the financial downturn of the Covid-19 pandemic while keeping taxes as low as possible for the residents of Tinley Park.


During the pandemic, Michael’s mission was to ensure businesses stayed open while the residents stayed safe. Under his leadership, the Village adopted policies that allowed for more outdoor dining and spearheaded initiatives to spread the word about delivery service.

With his wife, Tracy, and their two boys, Michael lives in Tinley Park’s Brookside Glen neighborhood located in the Will County section of the Village south of Interstate 80. Michael and his family are regular parishioners at Tinley Park’s St. Stephen Deacon and Martyr Catholic Church.  

Through his continued strong decision-making, hard work, and open dialogue with businesses and residents, Michael will continue to make Tinley Park safer, provide an even stronger sense of community, and strengthen the economic plan for Tinley Park's future. 

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